Pump Functions

How do the Sykes Pumps Work?

What is “Univac”?

  • A fully automatic self priming pump
  • Automatic priming complete with long suction lines
  • Handles liquid/air mixtures in snore conditions
  • Solids handling
  • Vacuum system provides poweful priming capabilities
  • No screens in priming system to clog in tough conditions
  • For dewatering, sewage, sludges, slurries, and well-point dewatering
  • Backflush valve allows operator to clean out suction hose with the simple push of a lever
  • A vacuum pump creates a vacuum in the pump. As the pump is primed, liquid lifts a float which in turn vents the vacuum to atmosphere. When the pumps loses its prime, the float drops and the process starts over. The air handling capabilities of this system demonstrates why the Sykes Univac system is renowned world-wide for the ability to perform nearly any pump job.


Self Adjusting Vacuum Seal