UVO 150H

UVO150The Sykes AmeriPumps UVO 150H automatic priming centrifugal pump is the world standard for high volume, high head pumping.

Excelling in quarry and mine dewatering, dredge boosting, and standby fire systems; the UVO 150H is built with hardened chromium. Rated up to a 650 brinnell hardness, this unit is able to handle the most abrasive of materials and handle a wide range of PH levels. The Sykes Univac vacuum system allows the UVO 150H to prime and re-prime automatically; to operate with the suction intake intermittently exposed to atmosphere; and run dry for indefinite periods of time without harm to the pump. A sound attenuation package is also available. With volume capacities to 2500 gpm and head capacities up 350 head feet, the UVO 150H is ideal for handling the toughest of slurries or simply clear water.


  • Mounted on a dual axle highway trailer, unit can be converted to a skid in a matter of minutes.
  • Self-contained fuel tank, allows for more than 24 hours of operation between refueling.
  • Close coupled centrifugal pump with vacuum priming system mounted to a diesel engine. Also available in electric drive or as a bare shaft pump end.
  • Engine containment reduces the chances for environmental spills.
  • Two gland pump packing allows for continuous run-dry capabilities.
  • Sykes Univac priming system, with back flush system to allow clearing of suction pipe with the push of a lever.
  • Standard engine – Caterpillar C7 producing 225 HP at 1800 rpm.



  • Maximum Flow 2500 GPM (gallons per minute)
  • Maximum Discharge Head 350 Ft
  • Maximum Particle Size 1.5 inches

Pipe Connections

  • 8″ Table D Suction
  • 8″ Table D Discharge
  • Bauer Type couplings optional

Weight (Typical)

  • 9750 lbs (full of fuel)

Fuel Tank

  • 225 Gallons Capacity
  • 24 hour + runtime
  • Cleaning and flushing facilities


  • Standard Caterpillar C7 producing 225 HP at 1800 rpm

Priming System

  • Flood lubricated rotary vacuum pump of minimal displacement 25 CFM incorporating non-return valve

Shaft Seal

  • Dual gland packing arrangement with dry run capabilities
  • Sykes patented vacuum/pressure seal
  • Single ring of packing
  • Spring loaded
  • No adjustment necessary
  • Easy repacking
  • Chrome oxide coating on wear ring

The Sykes Univac pump has evolved from over 140 years of heavy duty pump manufacturing to be the industry standard for general purpose dewatering, sewer bypass, and well–point dewatering.