Auto Priming Pumps
AmeriPumps offers a wide range of portable industrial grade water pumps available in the Americas. With pumps ranging from 4 inches to 16 inches and powered by CAT engines, AmeriPumps has the pump set to fit your needs.

AmeriPumps became the manufacturing arm of Sykes water pumps for the Western Hemisphere in 2001. Sykes has provided people around the world with reliable and powerful portable pumps since 1857. From continent to continent, Sykes’ pumps have proven to be the industry standard in the field, moving clean water, sewage, sludge, and slurry – in short whatever the site demands. Sykes is able to achieve such results because the Sykes pump is the only pump that operates equally well on sewer bypass, well point and straight dewatering applications. Sykes patented vacuum pressure seal, Univac priming system, and back flush systems make the Sykes pump the most versatile unit in the world. It is truly one pump for all needs. Sykes innovation, commitment to quality and expertly trained consultants ensure the most efficient pumping results for its customers.

AmeriPumps design team took the Sykes pumping mechanism and created a line of products that could meet the rigorous demands of the market in the Americas. Taking into consideration durability, ease of use, portability, versatility, and environmental concerns, AmeriPumps has created a product that is becoming the industry standard. AmeriPumps then looked to Caterpillar to provide the necessary horsepower. All engine-equipped pumps are CAT Powered.

Sykes AmeriPumps are available through many Caterpillar dealerships throughout the Americas. For more information or to see a pump in person, please contact the distributor near you.